Update your registered mobile number for OTPs

For OFBank Mobile Banking App (MBA) and LANDBANK iAccess users, please expect to receive One-Time Passwords (OTPs) via your registered local/international mobile phone numbers for faster and more secured online banking transactions. OFBank will no longer send OTPs via e-mail for your added security.

As such, we advise those with outdated phone numbers linked to their online banking accounts to update their registered mobile phone numbers as soon as possible. Download and fill-out the iAccess Enrollment Form, and send it to with a copy of your valid ID. You may also use the self-service option in iAccess to update the mobile phone number in your iAccess profile.

For your greater convenience, activate the OTP Generator in your OFBank MBA to instantly generate OTPs for your online banking transactions. For updates, please refer to the official OFBank social media accounts and website.